The Power of Social Media

If ever we needed reminding how powerful the media is, in particular the power of social media, the news today that Kylie Jenner’s tweet has cost Snapchat $1.3 billion on their value has done just that

It has long been recognised that the media plays a significant role in the way we make decisions, indeed my belief is they contributed heavily to the last recession. However, reading about the impact of Kylie Jenner’s tweet shocked me.

The fact that one person, can have such an impact is quite frankly, scary. We are all influenced by people we look up to and indeed we are all influenced by the media, it is a fact of life, but to let the comments of one person have such a big impact suggests that we, as a group of people, need to think long and hard about what we base our decisions on.

When making any decision, we should always weigh up the different options and look at all information that is available to help us make the end decision. Ultimately though, it does come down to the individual to take that decision based on evidence that is available and every person has the ability to make a different decision, we don’t need to be sheep and do what everyone else does.

This coverage today has raised two points for me:

  • When using social media, think first about the impact your statements will have, not just on personal contacts but in the wider community.
  • If you need to get a message out to a large group of people, choose your channels well and make sure your information delivers the right message. The media used well can be a great tool.

The underlying sentiment from my perspective is, in order to prosper and grow in the long term we need to consider the long-term impact and reacting instantly to the media will not give you the right platform to do this. So, take the media, including social media, with a “pinch of salt”, use it as one piece of information and don’t make any rash decisions without first doing the research.

Let me know what you think.